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My name is Jenny, I am a stay at home mom in Wisconsin, and my husband and I started J&N Forgotten Treasures LLC. so that we could have an outlet to re-sell items we have searched for at storage auctions, public auctions, estate sales, through travels, or any other items we have a passion for (ex: cloth diapering products). This allows me to keep busy and afford to stay home with my daughter.

J&N Baby: 
I started J&N Baby after my daughter experienced a horrible diaper rash from disposable diapers. We tried what seemed like every disposable brand out there (Pampers, Huggies, Up & UP, LUV's, Walmart Brand....) but, no matter the brand we tried the diaper rash never completely went away. We got to the point where the next sensible option was to try cloth diapers. My sister has cloth diapered both of her boys and my initial reaction to cloth diapering was that I did not want to have to deal with cleaning and maintaining them. But, I also wanted my daughter to be diaper rash free so......... we took the dive and she has been in cloth diapers ever since. My opinion has changed after having used them and done more research about chemicals in disposable diapers. They are simple to wash and I get to fulfill my shopping needs by buying all the different adorable diaper prints. I now wish I would have had her in cloth diapers from the beginning.

In fact, I love cloth diapering so much that I decided to focus our business products on cloth diapering supplies. So far we offer Sunbaby diapers, Toddler potty training pants, and J&N Baby Wet Bags. I am happy with offering these three products for now (plus its a lot for one person to manage while also taking care of my daughter) but, I am always on the lookout for new products to offer.

Madison, Wisconsin


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