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Product Description:
Sunbaby diapers are made with strong absorbent material to ensure breathability to keep babies skin dry and help reduce likelihood of diaper rash. 3X3 Snap Design allows you to adjust diaper to fit babies from 7-35 pounds. Additional Snaps located in the waist and leg areas ensure a snug fit. 

Outer layer is made of PUL fabric which is breathable and waterproof.
Inner Layer is made of soft micro fleece that pulls away moisture, keeping your baby dry, comfortable, while helping to prevent diaper rash.
Insert is made of super absorbent microfiber. Microfiber dries faster and is more absorbent than flannel.
Pocket has a patented pocket-style opening which enables parents to customize absorbency to fit their baby’s individual needs.

Left to Right: Pic 1 Inside Sunbaby Diaper Pic 2 Pocket Pic3 Microfiber insert in Pocket Pic4 Sunbaby Diaper ready to wear

Other features: 
  • Front snaps allow you to adjust diaper into three different rises
  • Gentle snug elastic on legs and back help to reduce leakage
  • Waterproof insert stopper

OS - One Size Cloth Pocket Diaper:
All Sunbaby diapers are One Size (OS) fits all but there are 2 OS Sizes

OS Size 1 – Allows for a better fit for smaller/skinner babies
OS Size 2 – Allows for better fit for average to/bigger/chunkier babies

Size 1 (Left) and Size 2 (Right)

(Very close in size the size 2 are a little bit longer and wider in the middle)

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