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Toddler training pants are new. 2PCS per set you can choose your print (sets are as shown in photos, 10 options to choose from).

Training Pants:
  • 100% Interlock Combed Cotton
  • 3 Layers Waterproof
  • Embroidered
  • Inside has Mircoterry Fabric 
   Sizes (90CM, 95CM, 100CM)

Manufacturer's Suggested Sizing

Approx. 23-27 LBS
Approx. 27-32 LBS
Approx. 32-39 LBS

Training Pants NOT Diapers 

Training pants and cloth diapers are not the same product. Cloth diapers (such as the Sunbaby's that I sell) are made with an outer water proof fabric such as PUL and contain wetness so that leaks do not occur. Training pants are used to teach a child to recognize when they become wet.These training pants are made of cloth and have no waterproof layer. The training pants do have 3 layers of waterproof material on the inside which helps to contain accidents.These training pants will leak if child releases a full bladder. It is recommended that the training pants be worn during the day during potty training times and not when child is napping or sleeping. Proper potty training should result in minimal leakage. If you have further questions please feel free to contact me.

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