Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thredup Order Experience

Recently, I posted that I found a new website called Thredup. I just received my order today and am thrilled with what I received.

When I first looked at the items on the website I thought that the clothing appeared to be in good used condition; and that Thredup offers a variety of name brand clothing at reasonable prices. One small concern I had was that some of the clothing looked to be wrinkled. I made the assumption that Thredup may sell items as they are received in order to reduce some of their costs.  The wrinkles did not bother me too much since I knew I would wash any items I received before having my daughter wear them. However, to my surprise when I received my order all items appeared to have been ironed and in better condition than online photos led me to believe. 

The website is user friendly. You can view all items or you can refine your search through filters (ex: boy/girl, and size). A cute feature that the site has is a stylish looks tab. Thredup has designers that create stylish looks from the items they receive for sale. A couple of the stylish look categories include: Smart Girls Rule, Brooklyn Preppy, and Active Apprentice. I really enjoyed this feature because you can find an entire outfit and dress your child from head to toe without having to have fashion knowledge.

Other comments
Processing time averaged about a week and I do plan to order from Thredup again in the future. The clothing items I received I believe are very reasonably priced (see list below for prices). But, what makes me even happier is that my order was of no cost to me since I used referral credits to purchase them.

What I got:
18 mo - Wishes & Kisses Dress w/ Short Sleeve Onesie   ($6.49)
18 mo - Hello Kitty Skirt  ($4.99)
18 mo - Gymboree Dress  ($8.99)
18 mo - Sesame Street Dress With Bloomers  ($6.49)
18 mo - Cherokee Pants   ($3.99)
12 mo - Starting Out Jeans  ($3.99)
12 mo - Nova Dress 12-18 Months  ($4.49)
12 mo - Youngland Dress   ($4.49)
12 mo - H&M Pants   ($3.99)

Thredup offers customers the opportunity to earn $10 referral credits for spreading the word about their site.  Your first opportunity to earn a $10 credit is to sign up for Thredup through someone’s referral link (click here to earn your first $10 credit). Once you have an account you can share your link and continue to earn $10 credits (You will receive your $10 referral credit after your friend/family member place their first order) 

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