Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Select Gerber Graduates Finger Foods on Sale at Target 4/$7

4/$7 deal is on Gerber Graduates Puffs and Lil Crunchies  (until 9/8)

(Note: all other Gerber Graduates items are 15% off until 9/8)

Coupons that Sweeten the Deal

  • Free 6 oz Gerber Graduates 2+ Lil’ Dippers or Kids Selects baby food with purchase of 5 Gerber Graduates Items X 10/13 Click Here for Coupon
  • $2 off 2 Gerber Graduates Puffs or Lil’ Crunchies, Melts or Grabbers (Savings Club Offer) Click Here for Coupon

Add a Rebate For Additional Savings

  • Try me free – Up to $2.99 Refund on Gerber Graduates New Flavors of Puffs/Waffle Wheels (Found stuck on product)

o   Flavors included: Vanilla, Blueberry, Banana Cream,  
o   Receipt must be dated between 3/1/12 and 9/30/12
o   Rebate must be mailed by 10/1/12
o   1 refund per household



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